Why font design is the breath of your brand

Deliberate differentiation.   Design legend, Debbie Millman, said in an interview that this is what branding means to her. The purposeful effort to set yourself apart from your peers.   You have a message to deliver. No matter what field or niche…

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Meet Our New Content Specialist

  Hello! I’m Morgan! My name is Morgan Hugoboom, and I’m excited and proud to join the Event Industry Marketing by BeatCreative family as their new Content Specialist. In this role, I’ll provide professional-grade editing on social media posts, blogs, and other…

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2017 Social Media Trends

2017 is here! Find out what’s ahead: 2017 Social Media Trends What’s in store for 2017? For the past year we managed, monitored and experimented with our clients to determine what’s ahead in 2017 Social Media Trends. Our team coordinated these 9 tips…

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