5 Easy Steps to Become a Better Blogger

Are you a blogger or a blogger? Those italics mean a lot, it means you don’t muse about whatever’s on your mind or the latest product you’re reviewing, look it over a few times and hit post. It means you’re a tagging master, you know what SEO does, and you use all your social media profiles to generate traffic to all your content. It doesn’t happen over night, but reading some tips will help you take that next step in your Internet life.

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1. Use Images

Go to your facebook page. Stop at the post that you read first. Did it have an image? I bet it did. “But that’s facebook, it’s different, you have to write less.” Well, right and wrong. True, blogs give you freedom to write paragraphs rather than sentences. However, whatever gets your attention on one social media site will get your attention on another. Blogs are more eye-catching and easier to read when you include images. It says a lot more a lot faster than even the greatest opening sentence and breaks up paragraphs to make the reading look smaller.

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2. Write small

What does that mean? Exactly like it sounds. Use shorter words, shorter sentences, and shorter paragraphs. This is a blog not a business letter or academic essay! Showing off that you know how to use a semi-colon to make your sentence 40 words long will not impress a reader; it’ll irritate them. People will read a blog that’s 500 words broken into 8 paragraphs before they read one that’s 250 words in one solid bulk. Think of words like body fat, if it’s spread all over it doesn’t look so bad.

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3. Tag everything

I’m sure you’ve seen those blogs that have massive tag bubbles. Be that blog. If you mention it, tag it. It’s the only way to get people to find your blog. And don’t stop there. Tag your pictures. Don’t title it something like blogpic1; spice it up. If it’s a picture of your latest pearl chocker necklace you posted on etsy. Tag it. Name the picture: your blog’s name, pearl necklace, etsy, chocker, etc… People searching “pearl chocker” on google images will see your necklace. Also, if there’s a place to post a URL, post yours! Make sure when people find the picture, your blog’s one click away!

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4. Hyper-link it

Ever read one of those blogs where the product sounds so good you can almost taste it? So you google search it, spend a few minutes trying to find that make-up brand, but give up after looking at the first few suggestions. Don’t be that blog. Hyper-link it. If you mention a company hyperlink them. Don’t let your readers get confused. Send them to that great space or product—especially if it’s yours!

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5. Spread the word.

You can hyperlink, tag, and add pictures all day long, but the best way to get other people to see you’ve got a new blog up is to tell them! Go to twitter, facebook, pinterest, instagram, etc… and advertise! Tell them about this great new blog you just wrote and don’t forget to provide the link! The more you tell, the more people will see!


If you follow these 5 easy steps you’re 5 steps closer to getting those italics in becoming a rockstar blogger.