First Tweet from the Top 30 #eventprofs

In honor of Twitter’s 8th birthday, they’ve released a fun tool that allows users to search for anyone’s first tweet. We’ve put together a list of the first tweets from some of our favorites and top 30 influencers in the event industry. Some tweets are relatively normal, but others are pretty entertaining!

1. Keith Johnston

Keith began tweeting in 2009 and operates under the handle @PlannerWire.

Keith Johnston

2. William Thomson

Starting in 2009, William uses the handle @williamevents. Love your enthusiasm, William!

William Thomson

3. Liese Gardner

In 2009, Liese sent a message out into great beyond as @liesegardner.

Liese Gardner

4. David Merrell

Another 2009 adopter, David (@DavidMerrell) contradicted his first tweet’s advice by marketing via face to face meetings! We <3 you David!

David Merrell

5. Joan Eisenstodt

Joan began tweeting in 2008 as @JoanEisenstodt.

Joan Eisenstodt






6. Mike McAllen

An early Tweep, Mike got off to a sobering start in 2007 under the handle @mmcallen.Mike McAllen

7. Samuel Jay Smith

Samuel, @samueljsmith, started tweeting in 2009 with an amusing response about urban kayaking.Samuel Jay Smith

8. Jenise Fryatt

Like most of us, Jenise (@JeniseFryatt) feels naked without her phone. She started tweeting in 2009.Jenise Fryatt

9. Brandt Krueger

Brandt started floating the Intertubes as @BrandtKrueger in 2009.Brandt Krueger

10. Elizabeth Glau

Elizabeth started tweeting in 2009 under the handle @elizabethglau.Elizabeth Glau

11. KiKi L ‘Italien

One of the 1st #eventprofs on Twitter Kiki just let it all hang out while she tweeted from her desk via the handle @kikilitalien

kikilitalien 1st tweet






12. Midori Connolly

Midori tweeted about the weather as @AVGirlMidori in 2008.

Midori Connolly






13. Jessica Levin

In 2008, Jessica (@JessicaLevin) let us know she was a very busy person, although she can totally multi-task, tweet and conference call. You rock JLev!

Jessica Levin

14. Greg Ruby

Greg started tweeting as @GregRuby in 2008. (One of my personal faves!)

Greg Ruby

15. Kristi Casey

One of our favorite industry editors, Ms. Kristi Casey of Plan Your Meetings started tweeting in 2008 as @KristiCasey.

Kristi Casey






16. “Pink” Deb Roth

Deb Roth, or @PinkDeb, started tweeting in 2009 with a very appropriate question.Deb Roth

17. Jeff Hurt

Jeff started tweeting at @JeffHurt in 2008.

Jeff Hurt







18. Dave Lutz

Dave, who tweets as @VelChain, got on the Twitter fast track in 2009.Dave Lutz

19. Lara McCulloch

In 2008, Lara searched Twitter for an answer as @ready2spark.

Lara McCulloch







20. Dan Berger

In 2009, Dan (pronounced “Don”) let us know that @danberger had officially arrived.

Dan Berger






21. Julius Solaris

Another #eventprof Twitter pioneer and tweeting for almost 7 years, Julius made his debut on Twitter as @tojulius. His tweet and a real appropriate one at that as Julius is ALWAYS a blogging!

Julius Solaris






22. Lindsay Fultz

A true Twitter fanatic, we knew where to find @LindsayFultz when she posted her first tweet in 2009. Lindsay Fultz

23. J. Damany Daniel

Another one the early #eventprof adopters – Damany’s first tweet was on his personal account @Damany in 2007. In 2012, he created @TheEventNerd for his work ventures.

J. Damany Daniel The Event Nerd

24. Jose David Ramirez

In 2010, Jose used a very familiar hashtag in his first tweet as @josedramirez.Jose David Ramirez

25. Tahira Endean

Our Canadian sweetheart and meeting planner maven, Tahira, @TahiraCreates, was pretty excited about her first tweet in 2010.

Tahira Endean

26. Adrian Segar

As an avid online enthusiast, Adrian started tweeting in 2009 as @ASegar.

Adrian Segar








27. Lindsey Rosenthal

Event Alley’s Lindsey Rosenthal got started as @eventsforgood in 2009.

Lindsey Rosenthal






28. Dahlia El Gazzar

In 2009, Meeting Pool’s very own Dahlia started tweeting as @DahliaElGazzar with her first tweet a response to a follower! Dahlia you have always been popular! Online and IRL!

Dahlia El Gazzar








29. Liz King

In 2009, Liz (@lizkingevents) let us know what she can do.

Liz King







30. Michelle Bergstein

Last, but certainly not least, our very own Michelle Bergstein launched her Twitter account as @EventMktgMaven in 2009. Look out, world!

Michelle Bergstein

What was your first tweet? Find out here and share it with us!