About This Project

This project involved creating a new website, with an entire copy overhaul with various call to actions and slogan variations. Since this client radiates a youthful - yet professional - vibe, we created a website to compliment the client and his services.We were tasked with creating a site that included large amounts of information with a clean, crisp delivery so that potential clients could clearly understand the services offered without becoming overwhelmed by extensive content. Since the client deals in such a unique service as a company of vehicle DJs, we needed to create an equally-unique website. The site also required numerous videos, awards, and brochures about each vehicle the additional each provided. Most importantly, this website needed to instill a need in potential clients: readers needed to feel like these DJ vehicles were integral to the success of his/her next event.

Project Stats

  • Type Graphics
  • Date March 1, 2017
  • Client Mix On Wheels
  • Web Address


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