Social Media Engagement for Newbies from a Newbie

Social media engagement, working on computer

Are you a social media engagement “newbie”? Maybe you don’t even know what “engagement” means.

Engagement is simply how you connect with your online audience, creating a dialogue with your audience.

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When you are unfamiliar with social media engagement, getting started can feel overwhelming. Where do you begin? Here are 3 easy steps to help you start finding and engaging with your audience:


1) Start by looking for other like businesses and potential customers to connect with, and be sure to continue connecting regularly. You can look at similar businesses to yours to see who they connect with for ideas.


2) Once connected, stay connected by posting, liking, sharing, commenting, and retweeting. Be a real person and let your personality show.


3) Last but not least, keeping your audience interested, involved, and sharing is key. Some great ideas for engaging posts: we are visual by nature so be sure to share photos and graphics; share your own community involvement and ideas, and like and share involvement of others; ask and answer questions as often as possible; and share the love by sharing testimonials.


Social media engagement can be as easy as you allow it to be, so jump in!

-Stephanie Prunier

Social Media Engagement Newbie