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Big Tech and the Chatbot Evolution

Big Tech Companies Think Chatbots are the Future. Here’s Why: Thanks to advancements in natural voice recognition technology, big tech companies–Google, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, among others–have made conversational interface technology (chatbots) household names. By mobilizing the power of AI and continuing development…

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A Guide To Holiday SEO

holiday SEO guide beatcreative

The Orlando Social Media Experts, at BeatCreative Marketing, Share How You Can Make an Impact This Year with Your Holiday SEO Rating The holiday season may already be in full swing but don’t sit on your laurels, it is never too late to optimize…

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Why voice search matters to you and your customers

Constant change (and keeping up with it) is one of the most exhausting elements in the known universe. And yet, it exists everywhere, especially online. Google changes its algorithm every day. Still, most businesses that sell services or products online haven’t updated…

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