Are Aerial Drones the Future of Wedding Photography?

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 Photo via Funky Frog Stock

For most people the word “drone” conjures up images of military operations and covert aerial vehicles zipping around the battlefield. This image of the drone may soon be changing as more and more companies recognize the commercial possibilities of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles).  Take away the weapons and these little machines are really awesome for capturing video and photographs!

Drones manufactured strictly for video and photography purposes can now be purchased by consumers for a couple hundred dollars. We have already seen them popping up in places like TGIFriday’s (though that did not end well) and they are frequently used at places like concerts, festivals, and sporting events. As inexpensive consumer drone models become more popular, they are also being utilized for wedding photography.

A remote-controlled drone is the perfect way to capture all of the excitement of a large outdoor wedding from a bird’s eye view. While wedding photographers keep their feet on the ground and capture the magic from ground level, a drone can hover above to record video of the festivities. Here’s one visually stunning example from one of our events – the Ocoee Founders’ Day Festival where our videographer Brandon Kari captured so many amazing shots that showcased our community so beautifully:

While consumer drone technology is only in its infant stages, it opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for wedding photography. It certainly adds a cinematic aspect to wedding videos. Think about how many films open up with helicopter shots. How awesome would it be to have your wedding video open with one?

EIM Blog - Drone Photography-Drone Wedding Photography-Propellerheads Aerial Photography

Photo via Propellerheads Aerial Photography

Of course there are regulations in place that can complicate the use of drones for wedding photography. The FAA has established their own regulations and some local governments have put laws into place restricting their use in certain areas. Regardless of regulations, drones continue taking to the skies to capture breathtaking wedding shots. This trend is only to get bigger throughout 2015 so make sure your tie is straight and your dress is zipped all the way up. You never know when a drone is hovering nearby!

What is your take on Aerial Drones at events? Do you consider it a fading trend or a trend here to stay?