We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest client website – Garages R Us! From identifying the theme and design to content creation, BeatCreative worked with meticulous attention to detail to ensure we truly brought our client’s vision to life. 

Some of our clients come to us with specific ideas in mind, while others prefer to be guided step by step in the website creation process. Our client interview makes the process a breeze for our customers. Our thoughtfully targeted questions help to ensure that your brand is represented with the tone and integrity you desire. Additionally, we offer services such as professional photo shoots and virtual tours to customize the look of your site. Our client opted for a photo shoot, which allowed us to further customize his site using his own branded images. 

The launch of this site has been highly anticipated. Garages R Us has been in business for many years, relying primarily on word of mouth and personal referrals to acquire new customers. We are thrilled that they now have the capability of attracting prospective clients by sharing these outstanding client testimonials through their online presence. 

Highlights of the site include: 

  • Numerous 5 star customer reviews with scroll over features are highlighted on the homepage, with a direct link to the Garages R Us’ Google review page.
  • A full list of services offered with corresponding icons makes information easily accessible to clients.
  • A drop down menu of featured selling points on our client’s ‘About Us’ page allows prospective customers to learn what sets Garages R Us apart from their competition. 
  • The ‘Services’ page identifies all service areas which helps with Search Engine Optimization and driving prospective clients to the site based on location.
  • A custom curated ‘Contact Us’ page allows customers to request an appointment or ask a question using the drop down menu of services.

We encourage you to browse through www.garagesrusorlando.com to see for yourself how masterfully this site came together. While BeatCreative began as a company targeted toward event industry clientele, we have branched far beyond our original scope to include clients across all industries and business ventures. Now, more than ever, YOUR prospective customers are turning to the internet to identify new businesses to patronize. Don’t let your business go unnoticed, contact us today!