Marketing During a Civil Rights Movement and a Pandemic


Marketing as a Necessity for Business

At first thought, it can seem like marketing is a tone-deaf topic to cover right now. But the reality is, businesses depend on marketing for their survival. And the entrepreneurs that run businesses and the employees in those companies need their jobs to survive and to make it through these incredibly tough days. Marketing is a necessity for business, so we must talk about marketing during a modern civil rights movement and a global pandemic. And even more specifically, some sort of social media presence is required for business success in this age.

Marketing as a Reflection of Context

But, that does not mean marketing continues as normal. In fact, marketing should reflect the cultural context. To see the hardships around and to be absent on social media is not a responsible or sustainable direction for your business. In the same way, to see the hardships around and to not address them at all is pretty insensitive. There is a way to hold the complexities of the days and to remain present.

Your current audience and your future clients need to see you engaged. They need to know you are continuing to work and need to see you being honest about the times. People have to continue living. Consequently, that means that people still need what your business offers. So you have to both share your services and genuinely acknowledge the hardships people are facing.

Marketing as an Impact on History

No other time in history has provided the technology to connect with people everywhere as we have now. This means every business has an extraordinary opportunity to expand its reach as well as its influence. And in the midst of a civil rights movement and a global pandemic, how you use your marketing platforms will be how your business is marked in history. 

Your posts and blogs, emails and outreach allow for you to speak up about important issues. And you also have the ability to uplift your followers. Everyone is dealing with some sort of hardship in some way right now, and making room in your marketing schedule for words that acknowledge injustice and bring encouragement is appropriate. It will matter for the future of your business. People will take note of which businesses were silent, which came across as manipulative or slimy, and which showed up well for their employees, their customers and clients, and their communities.

Marketing as Providing a Service

Ultimately, your business only succeeds if you have clients. And you only have clients if they trust who you are and what you provide. So it is important to authentically use marketing, especially through your social media platforms, to serve your clients. Show up every day and share what you have to offer. Some days that will look like serving your clients by selling your business’ products and services; and some days that will look like serving your clients by recognizing the emotions, struggles, current events of the day.

So stay engaged, don’t apologize for continuing to offer your products or services, and address the cultural context and hardships your followers are facing. Now is not the time to pull back on your marketing. Words matter. And your marketing can make a positive impact for the future of your business and for the future of this country.

Marketing During a Pandemic

If you need help with your marketing strategy, social media posting, or website design, especially now in this modern civil rights movement and global pandemic – contact us!