Be a Rockstar at your Social Media – 5 Tips

Social media can be confusing; it is full of strange symbols and it is constantly changing. There are new social networks popping up all over the place! As a business owner, you should be focusing your time doing what you do best…running your business, not stressing over social media. Here are 5 tips on knocking it out of the park without spending days of research.

1)    Focus On Building Relationships, Not Sales

Let’s face it, no one likes a pushy sales person. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to a store or car dealership only to be greeted by “vultures” waiting on their prey. Nothing turns back a customer faster than being a pushy sales person. In order to get the best result from social media you must focus on becoming your customers “friend”. Speak to them in a way that’s knowledgable without aggressively pursuing your ultimate goal of a sale. In other words, mix your content!









2)    Be Human

While there are many tools that help schedule posts for the rest of the week, it is important to not sound like a broken record. Do not copy and paste the same post into every social network every day! That is too automated and one of the quickest way to loose followers. From a customer’s perspective, it feels like there is no one on the other end. If a customer indeed feels this way there will be no engagement. No engagement equals no sharing, no sharing equals less followers, capeesh!  

3)    Know Your Audience

This goes back to business 101, know your target market. As a business owner you may have heard over and over again, “Who is your target market”. There are many who have not narrowed down who their ideal customer is. Knowing your customer well, gives you the ability to know what they want to hear about. If you own a car sales business, your customers will most likely want to hear about specials or safe driver tips, not what lamp shade color is trending. Make your content relevant.

Target Audience













4)    Give Valuable Content

With so many businesses out there why should the customer follow YOU on social media? Give them valuable content that will keep them interested. Like many relationships, it’s not just about knowing how to get the contact, but also knowing how to keep it. Share interesting information that your customer can use, and gain knowledge from. Don’t make the majority of your posts meaningless.

5)    Engage With Your Followers

Engagement is just as important as the content you create. Why? Imagine leaving your friends comments over a course of a week and they never respond. Will you wonder why they are not responding? Would it upset you? The answer to these questions should help you answer the 1st question as to why engagement is so important. Your followers want to hear from you! Are you there, are you real, are you a machine? Don’t leave you followers wondering who is behind all of the posts.

Social media does not have to be overwhelming as long as you don’t forget that your audience is human; not a machine. Treat them like people, like your next door neighbor. Spark up conversations and make people want to follow your brand because it makes their day better. It is important to remember the goal of social media as a whole, and that is to connect people.

speech_bubble_social media enagagement