BizBash Florida IdeaFest 2013 Social Media Roadmap


I was thrilled to be selected to lead a social media workshop for the Event Leadership Institute

at the 2013 BizBash Florida IdeaFest.Presenting along side so many talented event professionals is a definite call to duty. Honored with the task, I collaborated with the Event Leadership Institute in developing my session “Social Media Roadmap”


In true workshop fashion for the back to back  60-minute repeating session, I refused to be a talking head and my intentions were to make the group work. “Hey, it’s a “work” shop right?”. After a brief introduction and overview of the best social networks for the event industry we delved into something completely unconventional. The room was set in rounds and at each table a different social network donned a graphic place setting.


As we reviewed the ideal networks for event businesses to market their services, the platforms that currently reign supreme and that were featured at individual tables included- Pinterest, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and rising stars Instagram and Google+.

Although the main emphasis I posed to the group, “You can be on these networks, but without content that shares these below key traits your efforts can completely fall short”.  We continued to discuss content strategy, best practices and organization tips in order to optimize social media efforts for best results.


Although before we dived down the rabbit hole into a spiralling abyss, I wanted to learn from our BizBash Florida attendees, and determine their social media personalities. So each attendee took part in an interactive scenerio based personality quiz.  A gem found via  The second part of our testing portion was determining how they ranked their social media knowledge on all of the aforementioned networks. This excercise really helps create a comfort level and truly gets engagement and interaction going in the room.So after we reviewed levels of knowledge and personality


types we broke out in mini activity sessions.   Each table had their own agendas of engaging activities to apply via that social network table they sat at.


I made my rounds among each table to discover what challenges they encounter on their selected network. I even had some assistance from one of my clients, Ann Taylor (no relation) who’s passion is Pinterest. We collectively discussed strategies to improve their current efforts and how to get them on the road to success.


The feedback was AMAZING! I appreciate all the retweets, comments and outpours on Twitter along with the comments on the conferences app developed by the talented team at DoubleDutch.









Thank you to all those who attended and your encouraging comments. A big thank you to BizBash and the Event Leadership Institute for having me. We look forward to our next social media session coming to a educational meeting or conference near you real soon!