We can help with our team of specialist.

Whether you are drowning in social media, need branding (re-branding help), a new website, event marketing, email marketing, ghost-blogging or help with a different marketing project – the process all begins the same way!

When you contact our team at Beat Creative Marketing, you’ll be greeted by the Owner, Michelle Fontanez and/or the Operations Manager, Stephanie Prunier. We are a small but powerful operation- carefully designed for optimum creativity and maximum productivity. So you can rest assured, you won’t be greeted by an answering service or a middle man, just our friendly voices. 

Stephanie Prunier – Operations Manager

After scheduling your first consult with Michelle, our team will go to work researching and considering all of your current marketing and social media efforts, in an attempt to get an idea of where we can be of best service to you.

At our initial meeting, we’ll discuss all of our market research but most important to us, is that we hear your needs- and your perspective. What do you want to improve on? What are your targets/goals? 

For the sake of example: let’s say you decide to pursue a new website, complete with refreshed branding and social media channels. That’s when the work really begins. 

Michelle will take your plans back to our team of collective creative genius and the magic will begin.

Marketing Photo Shoot

Based on what you’ve told us you want, we’ll discuss options with the web programming team. This will provide us with a template and an outline to move forward with.

After bringing a Content Specialist on board (one of the rad ladies shown below), writing and direction for your new website will begin. We send the direction off to our expert graphic designer.

We’ll explain your wants and our plans- she’ll help us with logos and mocking up the website. 

This will all be sent back to you for approval and revisions if necessary, we won’t stop until we get it perfect. 

Once all of the content and graphics are in place and in order, we will send all of it back to our web programming team. Our turn-around time for websites depends on the complexity of the project, but the whole process has been completed in as little as 4 weeks. 

You’ll be blown away with the results and your market will be wow’d with your new website.

During this entire process, our Content Specialists will be promoting the new website through your social media channels, including: working on engagement with your followers, increasing your followers and creating amazing content to catch your viewers attention. If you choose to, we will also be creating email blasts (in a similar process) to promote the launch of your website, generate excitement about the new website and encourage individuals to subscribe to your updates. 

When you hire Beat Creative Marketing as #yourmarketingteam, you will get attention to detail and carefully executed strategy, every step of the way. How can we help your business realize it’s potential?