Marketing All-Stars Part Deux


The Special Events 2013, hosted in our Nation’s Windy City, impressed us all two-fold in the vast range of information picked up from each company presenting, and the versatility in industry knowledge provided by vendors and their counterparts. Each of The Special Event’s four days were filled to the brim in product and service awareness, accompanied by a multitude of Special Events workshops meant to teach you the tricks of the trade or simply brush up on your business strategies! Sales and Marketing incentives are absolutely essential as business’ groundfloor strategists in generating public exposure AND continued product development. What better way to become marketing pros than to learn from the Marketing Maven herself, Michelle Bergstein, and her team of social media experts: Stephen Person, J. Damany Daniel, Lindsay Fultz, Liz King, Jody Murphy, Jose Ramirez and Debra Roth!


Marketing All Stars Part Deux held as strong as TSE 2012’s Part One segment by delivering the marketing how-tos you need to succeed! Social media outlets have greatly transformed over the past year, (Heck, there’s a new App Update every few weeks!) and promoting your business has become all the more complex in unison with these continued site “improvements”.

The Marketing All Stars team shed renewed light on how to go about taking advantage of our society’s most popular social networking sites with a sweet touch of consistent branding techniques, introduction of essential online tools and trends, and initial implementation of an effective new media plan for your company!


Our special guests, from Bonfyre App, were a huge hit in discussing their fantastic new application that collectively brings people together through the memory worth a thousand words: photos! This technological “bonfire” connects people to their experiences in life With each social media guru set-up in their own section, guests were able to move around and interact on a more personal, face-to-face level with one another and input their own questions, creating a productive environment where it felt as though you were truly speaking WITH the expert, rather than plainly spoken to.


Part Deux’s atmosphere clearly spoke multitudes with its guests, as their reviews once Marketing All Stars adjourned were only of praise and thanks for the collection of eye-opening information discussed during the session!









We eagerly anticipate the confirmed possibility of holding Marketing All Stars Part Three at TSE’s 2014 show in Nashville, Tennessee (Keep your fingers crossed!) with the company of fresh faced go-getters ready to climb the social media marketing steps to success!