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From an Assistant’s Point of View: Guest Blog by Elizabeth FitzGerald

(And Not because I am paid to believe in my Boss!)

“Wow!”, “Woah!”, “Impressive!”. These are only a quick few of the many rave reviews Michelle, the marketing maven (AKA: My ultra-talented mentor) receives, spinning out the most innovative social media content.
In the short time Michelle has been mentoring me, I’ve learned multitudes of valuable knowledge I wouldn’t have grasped from simply anybody else. She has taken me “under her wing”, unveiling the ins and outs of effective marketing strategy. Michelle continuously exercises endless patience when working with me, and is always available for when I need additional guidance.

Powerful social media marketing has transformed into an essential aspect in all companies, with demand for this quintessential service becoming all the more prevalent in our technologically booming society. No fears over here, though! Michelle has quickly taken this ever-connected business world in storm, and holds her own as the well-connected marketing maven you can’t help but love!

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