Hello! I’m Morgan!

My name is Morgan Hugoboom, and I’m excited and proud to join the Event Industry Marketing by BeatCreative family as their new Content Specialist. In this role, I’ll provide professional-grade editing on social media posts, blogs, and other features for you, and I will also write original content such as promotional/marketing materials and blog posts (still, all for you!) As the Content Specialist, my job is to ensure that not only is everything grammatically spotless and has that extra shine to it, but that everything we create has YOUR business in mind, and presents your voice and what you want to communicate to the world in the best possible way.


About Me

Originally from Connecticut, I studied English writing and journalism at Marist College, later interning with the news organization, CNN, at their New York City offices. I went on to pursue a successful career in program coordinating, which allowed me the opportunity to capitalize on my writing and editing background as I wrote employee guides, assisted in the development of websites, wrote official email content on behalf of leadership, contributed articles as a freelance writer for websites like www.Techlicious.com, and much more. I have worked for employers and clients including everyone from Yale University to the United States Army National Guard, and I look forward to now working for you!


What made you choose Event Industry Marketing?

After looking through the website and social media channels for EIM, I loved seeing so many videos and testimonials from clients who had nothing but wonderful things to say about Michelle and the team at Event Industry Marketing. I’ve worked with enough clients over the years to know a special relationship when I see one, and I wanted to be a part of a company that had the deep connection that I saw between EIM and its clients.


What do you hope to bring to the team?

Part of what I’ve always loved about writing is the ability to take someone’s story, and project it to the world through written word. As the Content Specialist, I hope to take the stories, voices, and the passions of each of our clients and do exactly that: project them into the world. Our clients created their businesses around the desire to bring their passion to the public. Now, I want to help enhance that connection and show people what amazing businesses they have available to them!

Reach out to me if you need assistance at morgan@eventindustrymarketing.com