Marketing in Movember For a Good Cause

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Photo via Movember Foundation

Each month a theme prevails about a cause or a movement in order to raise awareness of various health or social issues. October, for example, is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which typically sees numerous fundraising walks and other events set to raise awareness.

Going into November, we have the mighty “Movember.” Deriving its name from a combination of mustache and November, Movember has become an annual fixture where men grow mustaches to raise awareness of men’s health issues, like prostate and other deadly male cancers. Heavy focus is put on awareness of early detection of male cancers.

It may have a silly name, but Movember does a lot of good. The Movember Foundation runs a month-long event where men can register on their website and raise money for health charities. Over the last nine years, the foundation has raised over $400 million dollars for charities and research programs, with over 3 million “Mo Bros” and “Mo Sistas” registering.

Movember is a great opportunity for marketing, particularly on social media. The foundation embraces humor, so your company can have a lot of fun supporting the cause while showing off your mustaches. Just check out these Likes and Shares from all over the world:

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Photo via Movember UK


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Photo via Australia Zoo

You can create simple viral videos of employees as they shave their beard into a mustache or documenting their process to share on social media. Taking photos for Instagram and Facebook is another fun and wildly popular way to market during Movember, The #movember hashtag is an easy way to spread the word about the growth of your team’s cookie dusters.

Ladies can join the fun by using fake mustaches in photos or drawing a mustache on their finger and holding it up!


Photo via Groupon

One of the big high profile companies participating in Movember is Groupon. Over 240 Groupon employees all over the globe are participating, raising over $9,000! Read all about their approach here, which emphasizes being fun and impactful.

Many have also used Movember to share inspiring stories about men who have beaten cancer. These type of stories always make a connection with people and can help engage your audience through shared experiences.

Movember photos can be used to remind your audience of upcoming events while inspiring them to take part in the month-long event and showing the human side of your company. This can help develop a relationship with your audience, then build further upon that to increase their customer loyalty.

So start planning your own campaign to help spread awareness, raise funds, and easily market to a diverse audience. Have fun with it and wear the mustache proudly!

Could we close this article out without a picture of Burt Reynolds, the godfather of mustaches? No, no we couldn’t.


Photo via Telegraph UK