Social Media as Event Decor with Postano

With the consumer relationship marketing era among us and in full bloom, companies are constantly engaged in new ways to stay connected with and listen to their fans. The rise of social media has seriously revolutionized networking and its presence at events. Social media networking is better, stronger, and immediate. So how do you capture social media effectively at your next event? Here are the three main principles to create a strong social media plan for your next event:

1) Pre-Event: Marketing & Promotions – Building the hype.

2) At the Event: Within the Event Design – Get them involved and excited!

3) Post Event: Follow-up engagement & event recaps- Keep the conversations and interactions going!

On the topic of social media at the event and incorporating it within the event design, What is the best way to incorporate social media at events? Meet Postanoa company that is currently wowing us with their all-inclusive platform.

Social Media as event decor is not only POWERFUL but looks amazingly trend-forward and creates an awesome event environment.

However, with great social media comes great responsibility. For a business, maintaining an alluring and well-received Twitter presence might not seem like a large task. Adding Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest, and more into the mix can become a far cry from a walk in the park. With Postano‘s technology, managing all of these social networking mediums becomes much less cumbersome by combining all of them into one place and in an attractive package with social media displays.


Postano is proving to be a true game changer at events. Why just limit your event to the people there when you could go global? It’s like asking for a salad at an ice cream shop, you just wouldn’t do it.

PostanoEvents_trend the event_EIMBC

Imagine every eager face at your event snapping pictures to post to Instagram and Tumblr and hashtaging your company. Got the visual? Now add every tweet and Facebook post buzzing about the event and even those from people that wish they were there. Take it an extra step further and throw in some live action vines. Now, open your eyes to everyone at your event watching this event frenzy in real time, right in front of them! Postano lends its expertise at events like never before by displaying all of the buzz surrounding your event on large screens for everyone to enjoy and add to.

Postano_Events_FashionWeek and Glendale_EIMBC

Sounds too good to be true? Just check out Postano’s collaboration with brands for Fashion Week. We fawned over their massive display at the Glendale Galleria Grand Opening.

The possibilities are endless and this is new shift in event design and decor that is both real-time and interactive. Whether at small scale events like-  inside offices, galleries or retail spaces:

Social Media display decor with Postano

Or at large scale events with full blown audio/visual, lighting and atmosphere design:Social Media Display Event Decor with Postano

With Postano joining the conversation and sharing the conversation becomes more exciting and eye-opening. We admire their innovation and skill as we wait on pins and needles to see their growth in this social networking driven world.

What cool social media technology have you seen at events? What wows you?