Social Media Integration at Events: Pixe Social

PIXE Social: Converting Your Audience Into Brand Ambassadors, Social Media integration at Events.


So you are having a major event, and there are a ton of people there. Great! Everyone starts taking pictures with their friends, and seem to be having a great time while uploading these happy images to their own social networks. While it’s nice that they are having a good time, also possibly even tagging their location, there are still a few problems. What if your event isn’t being hosted at your place of business? An even bigger issue is that you will probably never see any of the pictures your attendees took while at your event. Bummer right!?

Luckily, someone else had the same questions we did, and took action. Pixe Social is the new guy on the block, but by far the least proactive. They combine the excitement of a photo booth with the impact of social media marketing in order to boost your brand’s social presence. Here’s how it works:

• Pixe Photo Booth lets users take their picture
• Add a quote and post to the brand’s Facebook photo album and Twitter media gallery.
• Users can then tag these photos, share with their friends and have their friends like the photos, resulting in a strong viral reach for the brand.

Here are some pictures from our last event we partnered with Pixe on at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) trade show this past November in Orlando at the Orange County Convention Center.

IAAPA Pixe SocialBeatCreative at IAAPA with PIXE Social 

Why are pictures so important? How shall we put this…where there’s a crowd others will follow.


Make sense? Let’s you have a non-customer that follows your page for all of the great content you have, but has not yet decided to do business you. After seeing how much fun everyone had at your event, and the fact that you had such a large crowd will draw in their curiosity to possibly finally give you a chance. It’s simple mathematics really. We could break it down for you as a math problem, but we don’t want to stress you out.

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