Top Event Decor Trends for 2014 from our favorite Event Pros (and clients)

We’re always impressed with our clients’ work, and we’re thrilled to share some of the hottest trends that we’re seeing this year. From eye-catching metallics to bold uplighting, we’re simply inspired by these top trends.

Please Note: Each and every picture under each client is their actual work from a real wedding, event or photo shoot – from floral design, to event rentals, event coordinating & design, cake decorating, down to custom stationery and paper goods- YES! Unbelievable work and talents! 

Lee James Floral Designs

The key to a romantic bridal bouquet is an excess of pretty petals. This is a trend we’re seeing a lot of already this year. Brides are choosing full, feminine bouquets with light colors that accent, rather than distract from, their gown. Our favorite romantic bouquet florals are roses and peonies. A romantic bouquet is a great choice at virtually any wedding.

Romantic Bouquets

Lee James Romantic Lush Bouquets 2014 event trends (Photo: Shock Photography & Design)

Milk Glass Vases

Milk glass vases are a trend we can’t help but to love. Crisp, white milk glass vases not only make florals appear more vibrant, but they add a vintage feel to any event. Each glass has its own sense of character in its size, textures, and shape.

Lee James Milk Glasses Bumby Photography 2014 event trends(Photo: Bumby Photography)

Metallic Decor

Metallic decor such adds a glamorous feel to a wedding or event. Whether the accents are silver, bronze, or gold, metallic details are bound to make guests feel as if they are at an event fit for royalty. We love the combination of neutral florals, candlelight, and metallic details.

Metallic decor and floral Lee James Floral Rhodes Studios Photography

(Photo: Rhodes Studios)

Lee James Floral Metallics in Floral 2014 event trends Brandy Burridge Photography

(Photo: Brandy Burridge Photography)

A Chair Affair

Church Pews 

Right now, one of our favorite trends is the use of church pews for an outdoor ceremony. This trend takes the tradition of a church wedding to contemporary locations.

A Chair Affair church pews Wings of Glory Photography 2014 event trends

  (Photo: Wings of Glory Photography)  

Vintage China

There’s no doubt that the vintage china trend is one to watch. Not only does vintage china add subtle pops of color to a table, but it will make guests feel warm and welcomed at your wedding.

A ChairAffair Vintage China 2014 Event trends (Photo: Jenna Michele Photography)

Chiavari Chair Accents

A popular trend we’ve seen recently is fabric-decorated Chiavari chairs. This trend is so great because it has an endless variety of options. Depending on the style of the event, chairs can be decorated with woven fabrics, ruffled details, and uniquely tied sashes.

A Chair Affair Chiavari Chair accents In Style Imagery

(Photo: In Style Imagery)

The Vibe Agency

Aerial Performers

There’s no better way to wow your guests than to include aerial performers at your event. Aerial dance is an art form that works as entertainment for your guests and aesthetic accent. This is a trend we can’t wait to see more of this year!

Vibe Agency - Aerial Performers 2014 Event Trends(Photo: The VIBE Agency on Facebook)

Bold Lighting & Interactive Entertainment

Lighting can make or break the appearance of an event. One trend we are loving is the use of bold uplighting paired with interactive entertainment. Utilizing up lighting accompanied by performers that incorporate LED lighting and WOW!  It transforms an average room into a memorable escape from reality.

The VIBE Agency Bold Lighting Interactive Entertainment 2014 event trends

(Photo: The VIBE Agency on Facebook)

Party Flavors

Ombre Cakes 

The ombre cake trend is not one that will be going away any time soon! We love the mix of colors these cakes add to weddings and events. The wonderful thing about ombre cakes is they can work for birthdays, weddings, showers, and more.

Party Flavors Ombre Ruffled Cakes 2014 Event Trends

(Photo: Kristen Weaver Photography)

Themed Cakes

Themed cakes add a touch of whimsy to events. This trend is incredibly versatile and can be seen at parties, weddings, and special events. We love the creative and artistic elements that themed cakes bring to events.

Party Flavors Custom Cakes Themed wedding cakes In style imagery

(Photo: In Style Imagery)

Ruffled Cakes

If you’re a lover of classic designs, but looking for something modern, the ruffled cake trend is for you. Ruffled cakes are perfect for romantic or classic weddings and elegant birthday parties. Ruffles can vary in style, providing many options for different styles of events.

Party Flavors Custom Cakes Ruffle Cakes Photo by Amalie Orrange

(Photo: Amalie Orrange Photography)

Dogwood Blossom Stationery

Die-Cut Shapes

Die-cut shapes are our favorite new trend in paper goods. Die-cut shapes range in style, making them fitting for various event types.

Dogwood Blossom Stationery die cut menu cards 2014 Event trends (Photo: Eternal Light Photography LLC)

Circle die cut stationery Dogwood Blossom Stationery

(Photo: Errol Colon Photography)

Custom shape die cuts Dogwood Blossom Stationery

(Photo: Errol Colon Photography)

Vinyl Artwork

Vinyl artwork is a trend we’re expecting to see more of at special events and parties. Custom artwork work makes each event unique, and the designs are endless.

Dogwood Blossom Stationery Custom design to vinyl

(Photo: BeatCreative Team)

Decorative Banners

Another great trend is custom decorative banners. These banners are perfect for decorating bars, dessert tables, and isles. They also make for fabulous pictures.

Dogwood Blossom Stationery Custom Banners 2014 event trends Bumby Photography

(Photo: Bumby Photography)

What’s your favorite event decor trend you seen for 2014? Which is your favorite among our picks? Share!