Why You Should Have a Twitter Wall at Your Next Event

With social media on the rise in the events industry, event professionals are always wondering, “What can bring the social media at my event to the next level?”

 The answer? TweetWall Pro.

TweetWallPro-for-nrj-in-the-park-18Tweetwall Pro in action at a concert!

TweetWallPro-MidemPhotos via TweetWall Pro

According to their website, TweetWall Pro is an audience participation tool that streams Twitter content in real time. By pulling in specific Tweet content (hastags, usernames, Tweets from Twitter lists, or any content from Twitter), the audience has the opportunity to engage with each other, event organizers, speakers and brands. But at an event, it can do so much more than just engage the audience through Twitter. Here are some of their special features:

SMS Wall

TweetWall SMSPhoto via TweetWall Pro

Don’t have a Twitter account? No problem! With TweetWall Pro’s SMS Wall, your event audience can have a message appear by texting to a local number.

Web Messaging

TweetWall Pro webPhoto via TweetWall Pro

TweetWall Pro can also extend your engagement at an event with Web Messaging! As stated on their website: With Web messaging, you can use our TweetWall Pro branded design or customize the messaging system to fit your brand or integrate in to your website. Used alongside Twitter, this increases the number of participants.


TweetWall Pro contestPhoto via TweetWall Pro

 If you’re having a contest at your next event, then use TweetWall Pro run the contest while encouraging them to engage. As your audience tweets, their Twitter handles are collected for the contest, and you can initiate the contest feature at any time. This feature would also be great for event raffles!


Business-Voting-Question-1Photo via TweetWall Pro

Poll your audience at your next event by using the voting feature! Just have them tweet with a certain hashtag, and TweetWall Pro displays the results.

 From the audience’s standpoint, we at BeatCreative love seeing TweetWalls at events and conferences. At the recent AIBTM conference in Orlando, hundreds of people tweeted the hashtag #AIBTM just to see their tweet or photo appear. I was an avid tweeter that day, and many of my tweets were featured on the TweetWall. It’s a fun, creative way to engage at an event through social media.

My AIBTM Tweet

So, will you have a TweetWall at your next event? Comment with your answer below!