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Hi, I’m Michelle. Yes, I coined myself “The Event Marketing Maven” about 3 years ago now. Before I go any further, let me know tell you a little story of how I got here.

First off, I love events — the energy, the feeling, the experience.  In college, I initially wanted to pursue a career in fashion marketing.  Then a paid internship at a notable music magazine came my way that I couldn’t pass up.  It was there I discovered corporate events, product launches and advertiser promotions — and I was completely hooked.  During a subsequent internship with a radio personality in New York City, I was assigned to cover weekly marketing events and promotions.  Each week promised a new adventure, another celebrity endorsement or a movie premiere event.  I worked in legendary venues and was thrilled by all the action.

After I graduated, my career path took a turn to the advertising industry.  For the next ten years I was entrenched at an agency, representing companies, crafting campaigns and perfecting my marketing, management and client relationship skills — but my passion for events lived on.

During my internships and advertising career, I was unaware of all the behind-the-scenes production involved in staging meetings and events — I had no idea, really, that the event and meeting industry even existed.  But I ultimately took a position as a marketing manager for an event industry supplier — and this is where my big “ah-ha” moment occurred, for it was through this company that the event and meeting industry fully revealed itself to me.

Where had this industry been all my life?  Here I found my calling in a career that incorporates all my passions — events, marketing, brand messaging, design, visuals, cuisine, music — into one experience.

Now, that you know about my passion for this business, the next chapter in the story is applying my marketing skills, my accomplishments, back to the industry, helping planners and suppliers tell their story through new media and creative marketing tactics.

Welcome to my site, I look forward to your learning about what I do and most importantly getting to know you and what you do and how we can work together. Let’s create some marketing magic!

Michelle Bergstein Maven Online Marketing