Working From Home Tips and Tricks

With the majority of us working from home amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, we wanted to share some tips to making the most of this extra time at home. Change can be hard and, if you have other people in your household, staying focused can be challenging. But, now more than ever, it is important to stay positive and roll with the punches being thrown at us.

Working From Home

These tips will help you maintain success and mental well-being.

Get Dressed

Getting dressed in the morning will help set your mind on being more productive and professional. You don’t have to dress as you normally would to attend a professional meeting, but the act of getting dressed signals that it is time to get things done. Forbes published a great article on the benefits of dressing for the day. Sarah Boyd says “A work from home outfit can still be comfortable, but the act of changing into your day clothes will help you remind yourself that it is time for work.” Along those same lines, showering, fixing your hair, and even applying makeup can boost your productivity. 

Designate a Work Space

Designating a specific space for work enables you to separate home life from work life. If you create a place in your home that is strictly for business, it allows you to focus more while in that space. Find a space that is quiet and has natural light. Include a clean surface and comfortable chair. 

Establish Set Work Hours

You have set work hours when you go in to the office, so why not have set work hours when working from home? Alot time for breaks and lunch just as you would under normal circumstances. Starting and ending your day at specific times will set parameters for productivity. 

Putting these 3 simple practices into place can increase your professional and personal productivity during this abnormal time. 

Stay positive, stay productive, and stay well.

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