The Orlando Social Media Experts, at BeatCreative Marketing, Share How You Can Make an Impact This Year with Your Holiday SEO Rating

The holiday season may already be in full swing but don’t sit on your laurels, it is never too late to optimize your SEO and come out on top this season! With the endless amount of online possibilities, it is easy to get lost on in the shuffle on the Google Search Engine. There is not a more important time to be relevant and searchable. We’ve put together a list of some easy ways to make your company more visible and help guide you through the crazy holiday season.

Social Media

Social media networks greatly influence how people spend their time and money. To convert potential shoppers, you must start the conversation on social media with a really strong holiday marketing strategy. Once you’ve started the conversation, you will be able to draw potentials to your website. Pinterest is an excellent source during the holidays because so many people go there for inspiration and to create wish lists. Getting yourself on the right boards could have a major impact on your holiday traffic!

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Review And Update Metadata

Literally speaking, metadata is data about data. It is important for metadata to accurately represent the content you have created and the main keywords used within. An important factor with keywords to remember is it’s about quality over quantity. Having really focused keywords will do a lot more for your SEO, rather than throwing a ton into the mix. Want to be really ahead of the game and outshine your competition? Bid on competitive keywords and make a huge impact on your ratings.

There are a few places where metadata can come into play, the most important being the main title of the page for SEO ratings. Making sure you add your main keyword into the title with your company name will allow you to stand out more distinctly in an online search.

Clean Up Duplicate or Outdated Content

Having a high bounce rate will seriously damage your SEO ratings, so it is imperative to clean up outdated content. Make your content relevant and current and people will stay to see what you have to offer!

Duplicate content is another area where metadata can come into play. It is very common for ecommerce sites to have duplicates due to the fact that a lot of their content is very similar. A good way to combat this issue is to use rel=canonical to prevent the duplicate content and point Google in the right direction. rel=canonical is a metadata component that has a direct influence on your SEO, which means it can make or break your site depending on how its done.

Optimize Images

Search engines do not see images for what they are; they see them as text. This is important to remember when adding images to your website because they are a big part of your SEO. Important factors when adding images are:

Image name

Make sure to accurately title the image for what it is. This will allow it to show up in a direct search whereas ‘image001’ would not.

Alt. Text

Having a detailed description with the use of keywords will also allow for the image to show up better in searches.


Image size is very important because it can affect a website’s drop rate. If an image is too large it will drastically slow the download speeds which could result in someone wanting to direct their attention elsewhere.

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Optimize for Speed and Mobile

With the whole world of options available in your hand, it’s becoming harder to hold people’s attention. As previously mentioned, drop rates can seriously damage your SEO and nothing makes someone drop faster than a slow website or mobile site. Mobile especially is something you want to focus on, seeing as most people live on their smartphones. Making sure your site is fast, loads properly on every mobile device, and is readable is crucial for success.

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